Tips from Veteran Consignors:

0430_0002 copyPRICING:

I make sure to price 1/3 of the new price so everything goes!!! – Sally

Take pride in the items you’re selling! – Kelly

I price to sell and offer my items for the half price day. – Courtney

I only sell items in great condition. I like to price to sell, even if I feel it’s worth more. You need to weigh in the factor of a used item and would you rather sell it or have it sit on the rack. I clean all clothes and even iron a little if necessary. Clean and wipe down all toys and baby equipment as well as put in new batteries. I. – Tracey


Wash and iron clothes. Look them over closely for stains. Take extra tape, ziplock bag, safety pins, etc for emergencies as you unload at drop off! If you wouldn’t buy it in “that condition”, don’t try to sell it. – Michelle

Goof-off wipes and magic eraser! – Erica

I think the best way to get an article of clothing to look its best is to iron it! And, zip all zippers and button all buttons. That makes a huge difference. Also, just wiping down a toy takes most marks off and makes it look brand new! As for pricing, always price on low end….its better to get something for it than nothing! – Jennifer

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare items and make sure you have all of your supplies ready: BIG safety pins, hangers, ziplock bags, a full printer cartridge, and tape. – Leslie

Put whole outfits together. – Carol

I have found that sorting is a huge time saver. First, sort by gender/size (on clothing). Then enter everything into the system and print your tags. Then make sure everything is on hangers the right way. THEN go through and put the tags on everything. It seriously cuts down on wasted time because you get so into a groove with it. –Jessi

Use a tagging gun! It saves so much time. I gather clothing, sort by size, hang, tag and replace back in order. That way it’s ready to go when I get to drop off. Also, make sure to read the tips on the website regarding where to place the tag with the tagging gun in order to avoid damage to clothing. – Cynthia

Start early! The earlier the better.  Also, have plenty of ink for your printer on hand–you always run out of it the minute you press “print”. –Julie

I would tell a new consigner to start small, set an item goal and go from there. I did this and was able to gauge how long it took me to prep and then with future sales, I know how much I can really do without it taking over my life! – Melissa

I keep 2 bags inside my daughter’s closet. As we find things that don’t fit, we put them in the bag. One bag is Spring Sale, one is Fall Sale. When the sale comes around, I have everything in one bag and is usually the same size, making it easy to get started entering and tagging. – Jackie