Express Drop Off

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Express Drop Off is an exclusive and limited opportunity to enjoy a curbside drop off! Simply pull up to the designated doors at your appointment time and our crew will unload your items for you. Please read the details and register at the bottom of this page.

The Details


At the BUTTON below, please register for one of the drop off slots available for Express Drop Offs and pay the fee. On the day of your drop off appointment, you will pull down North Drive to the concrete area outside of doors 15 & 16. A crew member will check you in and our crew members will unload all of your items for you.

Our goal is to unload everything for you quickly and efficiently and have you on your way. If you have anything that requires a “trick” to set up, please be prepared to provide our crew with a quick demo.  Note: we will no longer assemble cribs due to time constraints – we will still unload and provide assistance if time allows.


  • Arrive at the start of your designated time in no more than 2 vehicles.  Our team will no longer unload trailers or LARGE vehicles (such as a U-haul Truck).  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Stephanie at 
  • All items should arrive in clean and excellent working condition and battery operated items turn ON
  • Hangers are facing like a “?”
  • Clothing is sorted by size and gender
  • Shoes are sorted by size and gender
  • Consignors will be responsible for putting together cribs and complicated toys/furniture.  However, our crew will still unload and, if time allows, provide assistance.  
  • Please use only disposable containers (bags, cardboard boxes, etc.).  Avoid using totes/containers as our team might not be able to return them to you.


The max number of items allowed for a single Express Drop Off appointment is 270. If you will have more than 270 items, you’ll need to pay $15 more per 30 items over 270 (up to 90 additional items). You can do this when you check out initially, or if you go over the 270 items closer to the sale we will deduct this from your consignor earnings check.  If you go over 360 total items, you will be charged an additional full consignor ticket fee.  Fee will come out of your consignor earnings.

For additional questions about Express Drop Off, please email

Interested in Donating Unsold Items?

We help those less fortunate through our charity partner Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County. Just make sure to mark your items as donate in your consignor account! Donation receipts are available and an itemized report can be printed from you consignor account after the sale.