VIP Tagging

Want to consign, but have no time to tag? VIP tagging is the perfect option to clean out the closets, save time, make money and shop first at Whale of a Sale!

How does it work? 

1) Reach out through this link to the VIP Tagging Form. Our VIP Tagging Director will be in touch to assess your needs and check availability with current taggers.
2) Register for the sale and pay your consignor fee.
3) Gather your clean, high-quality items that meet Whale of a Sale guidelines.
4) Make transportation arrangements with your tagging service.
5) The tagging service will prep and price items, print and attach tags, and deliver the items to Whale of a Sale on drop off day.
6) You will be able to view your sales totals each evening, shop first at the VIP pre-sale, and choose whether to donate or pick up any unsold items.
7) Receive your earnings within 2 weeks! 

VIP Tagging Program Benefits – a 65/35 split with Whale of a Sale:

  • Consignor receives 35% of earnings
  • Tagging Service receives 30% of earnings
*Possible supply and transportation fee to be discussed with your tagger. All battery-operated items must be dropped off to the tagger with working batteries, or a $1 per battery fee will be charged by your tagger. If there are more than 20 items found with stains, a $10 stain fee will be charged by your tagger. We encourage high quality items!

Shopping Privileges:

VIP tagging clients receive all consignor shopping benefits, including VIP Pre-Sale and Early Access Half Price Sale.