Top Sellers Club

The Top Sellers Club is designed to help you earn TOP DOLLAR + increase the high quality, well-priced items on our sales floor!

TIER 1: Super Sellers

Earn this club if your sell-through rate is a minimum of 87.00% in your final seller report.


  • $15 consignor fee waived next sale
  • Select a drop off appointment before registration opens to the public. 
  • Earn the ability to tag and sell up to 600 items in the next sale (regular max is 400) and up to 40 pair of shoes.
  • Special “top sellers” shopping time.

TIER 2: Platinum Sellers

Earn this club if your sell-through rate is a minimum of 95.00% in your final seller report.


  • $20 Whale gift certificate and special “top sellers” shopping time.
  • $15 consignor fee waived next sale.
  • Select a drop off appointment before registration opens to the public. 
  • Earn the ability to tag and sell up to 600 items in the next sale (regular max is 400) and up to 40 pair of shoes.

THE FINE PRINT: A minimum of 70 items must be in inventory to qualify. “Top Sellers” will be manually registered for the next event with $15 waived. If “Top Seller” completes one crew member shift at the next event, $15 will be refunded to the earnings check and earliest Pre-Sale shopping privileges are earned. 2 shifts = $15 + 65% of sales, 3 shifts = $15 + 70% of sales, 4 shifts = $15 + a max 75% of sales.

Tips to Earn Top Seller Status

-Clean up your consignor inventory! Ensure all items in your account are actually brought to the sale.
-Ensure you’re bringing high quality, in-demand items ONLY.
-Price to sell. Our shoppers are savvy and won’t overpay!
-Let items go half price on the final day, but ensure your full asking price is fair. Don’t let items sit for three days before the price is right.
-Become an active member of our consignor group to seek the advice of experienced sellers.

Congratulations Spring 2022 Top Sellers!

Abigail Doster*
Abigail Ghaim
Adria Racette
Adrian Morrisey*
Alane Helmer*
Allison Lyons*
Allison Robinson
Allison Wilson
Alonna Koch
Alyson Atlas
Amanda Erickson*
Amanda Evans*
Amanda Hunt
Amanda Szymanski
Amanda DeSchepper
Amanda Artman
Amanda Phillips
Amanda Matchett
Amber Gonzalez*
Amber Weddle*
Amber Liles
Amber Motz
Amber Smith
Amy Nelson*
Amy Roseberry*
Amy Bender
Andrea Akers
Andrea Wickard
Anna Powers
Anna Kramer
Anne Plachta
Anne Scales
Arianna Yeary
Ashlee Snyder
Ashlee Gregory
Ashley Quattrocchi*
Ashley Jacobs*
Ashley Lytle
Ashley Janisse
Audrey Etter
Beckah Sipes*
Becky Raveed
Beth Lohman*
Beverly Crussel
Bonnie West
Brandi Smith
Brittany Dickmeyer
Brittany Ziolkowski
Brittany Oberg
Brittany Plunkett
Brittnee Garrido*
Brittney Shaffer
Brooke Brothers
Caitlin DeHebreard*
Caitlin Johns*
Carmella Thatcher
Carrie Hutchison*
Casey Delehanty
Casondra Nishida
Cassandra Pniak
Cassie Hull
Catherine Richmond*
Chelsea Frazier
Chelsea Primason
Chelsea Stevens

Cherie McDonald
Christa Willis*
Christina Adamson
Christina Hively
Christine Evanoff
Christy Herrin
Cindy White
Claire Rascoe
Clarissa Clarkson
Colleen Nevitt
Cortney Ogrzewalla
Courtney Vayo
Curt Streicher
Danielle Ford
Danielle Prosser
Deanna Browning
Deborah Dein
Elena Maurini
Elizabeth Polivick*
Elizabeth Ballard
Elizabeth Garrett
Emily Nafziger*
Emily Ayres
Emily Frazier
Emily Bailey
Emily Nei
Erin Rundle*
Erin Neale
Erin Peddicord
Erin Vogt
Gina Shields
Hannah Bachmann
Heather Hayner*
Heather Dossett
Heidi Troyer
Hillary House
Jaimie Bertsch
Jamie Schroll
Jamie Hill
Jana Secrist*
Jason Cronkhite
Jenna Silvey
Jennie Griswold
Jennifer Harris*
Jennifer Motley
Jennifer Buchanan
Jennifer Strange
Jennifer Donoho
Jennifer Cougill
Jennifer Smitherman
Jennifer Sanders
Jessica Willig*
Jessica Henry
Jessica Louks
Jessica Daniel
Jill Zeitler
Jnai Stuller
Jodie Buchanan*
Joslynn Lucas
Judy Lee
Kait Baumgartner
Karen Dennis
Karen Lawrence
Karla Scott

Kasey Sealy
Katelyn Becht
Kathy Pickering*
Katie Greider*
Katie Gallion*
Katie Moll*
Katie Hanover*
Katie Gore
Katlin Huggins*
Kayla Rogers
Kelley Wells
Kelly Phelps
Kelsey Fox*
Kelsey Wilson
Kelsey Bass
Kelsie Duggan
Kenlee Reinking
Kim Williams
Kirah Moore
Kirstin Dotlich
Kristen Brock*
Kristen Russo*
Kristen Mix*
Kristen Jenkins
Kristen Rusch
Kristen Scott
Kristi Arion
Kristin Hendricks
Kristy Yount
Kylie Little
Kyrie Mullen*
Lacy Montalvo
Laura Cooper*
Laura Kinnaman*
Laura Amos*
Laura Lanie*
Laura Moore
Laura Michel
Laura Holt
Laura Engledow
Lauren Scott
Lauren Kanaan
Lauren Mabee
Lauryn Logue*
Leigh Chasse*
Leigh Omer
Lindsay Allen*
Lindsay Bugher
Lindsay Terry
Lindsey Frazier*
Lindsey Miller*
Lindsey Tolin*
Lindsey Myers
Lisa Goodnight
Lisa Calvert
Lisa Gilliatt
Liz Parkinson*
Liz Davidson
Lora Ertmoed
Lydia Council*
Macara Aloi
Mallory Carr*
Mallory Papp
Mallory Doyel

Mandy Caban
Margaret Westrick
Marizel Parocha
Mary Dennin
Mary Ellen Burns*
Megan Maxie*
Megan Graue
Melanie Schroeder
Melissa Warth*
Melissa Baldwin*
Melissa Dyer
Melissa Gaitsch
Melissa Hall
Melissa Adams
Michelle Baxter
Millie Graham
Mindy Burke
Molly Fowler
Molly Kissinger
Molly Childs
Natalie Stephen*
Natalie Mathes*
Natalie Smith
Nicole Gover
Nikita Parsen
Page Waldon
Rachel Doyel*
Rachel Orlando*
Rachel Benetti
Rachel Sinders
Rachel Grey
Rebecca Hite*
Rebekah Fleetwood
Sally McNealy
Sara Stocking*
Sara Glenn
Sarah Chamberlain*
Sarah Salmon
Sarah Dunn
Sarah Galante
Sarah Furge
Sarah Cadwallader
Sarah Blair
Sarah Harris
Sarah Jen
Shannon Hurrle
Stephanie Davis*
Stephanie Abisi*
Stephanie McDonough
Stephanie Clark
Stephanie Miskowiec
Susan Malloy
Suzanne Barger*
Sydney Rice*
Sydney Gebhardt
Tara Patel
Tara Wilson
Tiffany Hales*
Tiffany Weatherspoon*
Traci Reichert
Traci Eppstein
Valerie Sheets
Victoria Amrozowicz*
Victoria Schuster

*Denotes Platinum Seller