Top Sellers Club

The Top Sellers Club is designed to help you earn TOP DOLLAR + increase the high quality, well-priced items on our sales floor!

TIER 1: Super Sellers

Earn this club if your sell-through rate is a minimum of 88.00% in your final seller report. 80 items must be in inventory.


  • $20 consignor fee waived next sale and early registration
  • Select a drop off appointment before registration opens to the public. 
  • Earn the ability to tag and sell up to 500 items in the next sale (regular max is 400) and up to 20 pairs of shoes.
  • Special “top sellers” shopping time

TIER 2: Platinum Sellers

Earn this club if your sell-through rate is a minimum of 95.00% in your final seller report. 80 items must be in inventory.


  • $20 Whale shopping credit (name at checkout)
  • $20 consignor fee waived next sale and early registration
  • Select a drop off appointment before registration opens to the public. 
  • Earn the ability to tag and sell up to 500 items in the next sale (regular max is 400) and up to 20 pairs of shoes.
  • Special “top sellers” shopping time.

THE FINE PRINT: A minimum of 80 items must be in your active inventory to qualify. “Top Sellers” will be manually registered for the next event with $20 fee waived. 

CREW MEMBERS: If working a crew shift(s), your shopping privilege will be earlier than Top Seller privilege (tiered by number of shifts worked). Schedule will be released approximately 6 weeks prior to sale. CREW EARNINGS: If “Top Seller” completes one crew member shift at the next event, $20 will be refunded to the earnings check and earliest appropriate shopping privileges are earned. 2 shifts = $20 + 65% of sales, 3 shifts = $20 + 70% of sales, 4 shifts = $20 + a max 75% of sales.

Top Seller benefits (registration, platinum dollars, shopping benefits) must be used at the following sale and will not be forwarded.  Top Seller Status and all benefits are not transferable.

Tips to Earn Top Seller Status

-Clean up your consignor inventory! Ensure all items in your account are actually brought to the sale.
-Ensure you’re bringing high quality, in-demand items ONLY.
-Price to sell. Our shoppers are savvy and won’t overpay!
-Let items go half price on the final day, but ensure your full asking price is fair. Don’t let items sit for three days before the price is right.
-Become an active member of our consignor group to seek the advice of experienced sellers.

Congratulations Spring 2024 Top Sellers!

Stephanie Abisi
Brookelyn Abubakr
Allison Adams
Maggie Adams
Melissa Adams
Andrea Akers
Lindsay Allen
Macara Aloi
Laura Amos*
Abbie Anderson
Ashley Atkinson
Alyson Atlas
Emily Ayres
Melissa Baldwin*
Elizabeth Ballard
Kelly Banes
Elizabeth Bareman*
Suzanne Barger*
Tiffany Barr*
Allison Bauman
Kait Baumgartner
Meagan Beachnau*
Jenna Beard*
Katelyn Becht
Kelly Beckman
Amy Bender
Rachel Benetti
Sarah Bergman*
Keri Bishop*
Amber Blakley
Kristen Brock*
Chrissy Brown
Jessica Bryant
Lindsay Burnett
Mary Ellen Burns*
Mandy Caban
Sarah Cadwallader
Nicole Call
Lisa Calvert
Sarah Chamberlain
Molly Childs
Aimee Cipro
Jessica Cockrum*
Chelsea Cole
Cheryl Collins*
Brittany Corder*
Trisha Costa
Lydia Council*
Jason Cronkhite
Bianca Cummins
Courtney Daniel
Jessica Daniel
Katherine Darby*
Stephanie Davis*
Rachel Day*
Megan Dean
Lindsay Deeg
Lauren DeFazio
Caitlin DeHebreard*
Casey Delehanty
Becca Derado*
Amanda Derheimer
Amanda DeSchepper
Megan DeVries
Tracey Dexter
Brittany Dickmeyer
Krista Douglass
Mallory Doyel
Rachel Doyel
Courtney Dripps*
Kelsie Duggan*
Sarah Dunn
Trisha Eby
Brittany Edgerson
Lindsey Edwards
Amanda Erickson
Lora Ertmoed*
Teresa Estrada

Christine Evanoff
Teresa Evans
Maria Fellows
Rebekah Fleetwood
Amanda Foley
Danielle Ford*
Katie Fowler
Molly Fowler
Kelsey Fox*
Shelby Freese
Megan Fuller
Sarah Furge
Melissa Gaitsch
Sarah Galante
Caitlin Gallagher
Katie Gallion*
Erica Gallman
Sara Gambs
Parrish Gant
Sarina Gaunt
Brittany Gerberich
Abigail Ghaim*
Kayla Gibson*
Lisa Gilliatt
Amber Gonzalez
Christine Gonzalez*
Molly Gorsky*
Millie Graham
Megan Graue
Rebecca Gray
Lauren Griffith
Kendra Guidos
Kate Hackl
Tiffany Hales*
Stephanie Hall
Katie Hanover*
Baylee Hanson
Cassie Harle
Grace Harris*
Jennifer Harris*
Tori Hart*
Kyle Hartell
Lindsey Hartell
Lisa Hatke
Emily Hawthorne
Heather Hayner*
Katie Heath
Alane Helmer
Kristin Hendricks*
Stacey Hetrick
Katie Hill*
Megan Hill
Laura Holt*
Cassie Hull
Lindsey Hummel
Amanda Hunt
Emily Hurt
Carrie Hutchison
Amber Hyland
Kelsea Ice
Ashley Jacobs
Alyssa James*
Jill Jenkins
Kristen Jenkins
Christine Johnson*
Misty Johnson*
Morgan Johnson
Kelly Jorro
Logan Joyce
Ashley Judd*
Brooke Kavanaugh*
Megan Keck*
Jessica Kelly
Kristina Kinsey
Emily Kirchmann
Lauren Kirk
Dawn Knipe*
Jenny Kovach
Kim Kovalchick

Briana Kramer
Kim Krier*
Jessica Kroymann Faghihi*
Laura Lanie
Katelynn LaPrad
Colleen Largent
Judy Lee*
Ashley Leininger
Allie Liles
Amber Liles*
Lauryn Logue
Beth Lohman*
Traci Lotfi
Jessica Louks
Amanda Luper
Tonya Lynch
Allison Lyons
Ashley Lytle
Katelyn Mallery
Susan Malloy
Megan March
Lauren May
Ashley McCarns*
Kara McClary
Stephanie Mcconnell
Christina McDonald*
Erin McDonald
Courtney McGann
Jane McGill
Sally McNealy
Amanda Meyer
Angela Miller
Emily Miller
Lindsey Miller
Kristen Mix
Katie Moll
Ebon Moore
Laura Moore*
Morgan Munson
Megan Myers*
Erin Neale
Brittany Need
Amy Nelson*
Colleen Nevitt
Casondra Nishida
Cheryl Nolan
Diana Nolting
Cortney Ogrzewalla
Lindsay Ohmer
Alexis Oldfather
Emily OMalley
Amy Onyett
Holly Pagel*
Liz Parkinson*
Marizel Parocha
Nikita Parsen*
Lindsey Pasch
Stephanie Pasky
Abbey Paunwar
Brittany Pelz
Trisha Perkins
Kelly Phelps*
Cassandra Pniak
Anna Powers
Kara Pray*
Danielle Prosser
Hillary Pruett
Adria Racette
Sara Rains
Crystal Ramos
Kacy Ray
Traci Reichert
Andrea Resnick
Natalie Rhodes
Sydney Rice
Catherine Richmond*
Alicia Robbins
Nicole Robbins

Chanda Roeder
Kayla Rogers
Amy Roseberry*
Emily Rotman*
Ashley Rumer
Kristen Rusch
Vicci Rydzinski*
Brittany Sachs
Terri Salinas
Sarah Salmon
Anne Scales
Jaimie Schoenenberger
Kecia Schwarzkopf
Karla Scott*
Lauren Scott*
Jana Secrist*
Cari Sheehan*
Valerie Sheets
Gina Shields*
Lily Shogren
Jenny Siebert
Lauren Siegel
Jenna Silvey*
Camille Singh
Beckah Sipes*
Jenny Skaggs*
Taylor Skiles
Ashlie Smith
Erin Smith
Sherrell Smith
Leslie Smulyan
Ashlee Snyder*
Ashley Sorgius
Krissi Spangler
Betsy Stankevitz*
Chelsea Stevens*
Jennifer Strange
Curt Streicher
Sarah Tempel*
Rachel Thomas
Shelby Thomas
Andrea Torres
Ashley Trella
Samantha Trnian*
Kristen Tschiniak
Cindy Turner*
Danielle Van Lopik*
Katelyn Van Winter
Karin VanVleet
Courtney Vayo
Erin Vogt
Renna Waalkens
Candace Wagner
Ashleigh Wahl
Page Waldon
Betsy Wallis
Travis Walton
Melissa Warth
Marlie Washer
Mariam Watson
Tiffany Weatherspoon*
Nikki Weber
Amber Weddle
Heather Weihe
Robin Weiler
Margaret Westrick
Holly Wharton
Andrea and Tim Wickard
Kim Williams
Tabitha Williams
Christa Willis
Kara Willmann
Kara Wilson*
Denise Woolen
Kristy Yount
Brittany Ziolkowski*
Karen Zmikly*
Whitney Zurface

*Denotes Platinum Seller