Prep, Price, and Tag

Supplies Needed:

See our YOU TUBE channel for helpful tagging videos! 

You will need the following items to prepare for the sale:

  • Plastic or Wire Child Size Hangers (10 for $1 in Walmart baby section. Ask for FREE at local children’s stores)
  • Plastic or Wire Adult Size Hangers for women’s, juniors and larger children’s sizes. (Ask for FREE at dry cleaners)
  • Safety Pins or Tagging Gun to attach tags
  • Ziploc Bags in various sizes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • White Cardstock Paper, 8.5 x 11, 60-67 lb.
  • Batteries
  • Zip-ties to pair shoes together
  • Painters tape or packing tape to attach tags to toys, books, etc. (scotch tape will not stay on)
  • For faster tagging, consider a Tagging Gun
  • Magic Eraser and 409 wipes are excellent for cleaning items

How to Enter Items

  • LOGIN to your Consignor Account.
  • Click on “Activities Menu” (You may enter your items all at once or over a period of several days).
  • Select “Work with My Consigned Inventory”.
  • Select “Add Items” and pick mobile, PC or voice entry.
  • Enter Items. Select Category, Select Size.

      *Infant clothing items that have a single size number (such as as a Carters 3 months or 18 months), that number is the END of the size range they should be entered into. Example: 3 months should be entered as 0-3 months, 9 months should be entered as 6-12 months, etc. 

      *The single size numbers in system are NOT for infant sizes (example: size 6 in system is for a kids size 6 item, NOT 6 months).

  • Enter a Description: Make descriptions as complete as possible. Please list BRAND on top line. A better description allows us to attempt to locate your items in our inventory should the tag get lost.
  • Enter a Price.
  • Check the “Discount” box if you’d like your item marked at 50% on final day of sale.
  • If your item doesn’t sell and you’d like to donate, click “Donate” box.
  • Once you’re finished, click “Submit Items” 
  • Refer to your emails for specifics on when the system closes. Once this occurs, changes can no longer be made. You may still PRINT your tags after the system closes up until the time of your drop-off appointment.

How to Print Tags

  • LOGIN to your Consignor Account
  • Click on “Work with Consigned Inventory” 
  • Click on “Print Tags”
  • Choose “Print Selected Tags” to print some tags or choose “Print All Tags (PDF)” if you want to print all tags at once.
  • Use White Cardstock (#60-67 preferred). NO copy paper, NO color paper, NO slick surface paper.
  • Print as .PDF file.
  • Use NORMAL print setting and “Black Cartridge”. Make sure tags are not smudged or splotchy so they may be read by the scanner.
  • Six tags will print per page and each tag will be approximately 3 x 3 inches.
  • Attach tags to your items per our instructions below.

    HELPFUL TIP! If you are selling a large quantity, consider emailing your .pdf tag file to Office Depot/FedEx/Kinkos and have them print and cut your tags.

  • Tags will look like this once printed:

Pricing Your Items

Prices vary greatly depending on condition, brand and style. There are many factors to consider to determine what to ask for your items: condition, original price, brand name of item and if it has original tags. DID YOU KNOW??? Most consignors make the biggest chunk of their check in toys, books, games, dolls, sports gear and similar items!

Generally, items sell for around 1/3 to 1/4 of original price, depending on condition. High demand equipment and toys typically sell for more and clothing for less.

Remember, these are USED items. Ask yourself, “Would I pay this?” or “Would I buy this again?”.

We often receive multiples of the same items… therefore yours must be priced competitively with the items they are next to on the racks! Newborn to size 4T has a bigger supply than other sizes.

On the final day of the sale, if your item hasn’t sold at full price, you have the opportunity to mark it to half price. We highly recommend you do so! Select which items you’d like to offer at half price when using our tagging program. Items you do not wish to offer at half price will remain at full price the entire time. 

Tagging and Presentation of Items

  • Clothing should be hung on hangers with the hook facing LEFT (like a ?). See the image for an example.
  • Plastic or wire children’s hangers are acceptable for items under size 6. Women’s, juniors and bigger kid sizes should be on adult hangers.
  • Use safety pins or tagging gun to attach tags to clothing. No straight pins or clothespins please.
  • Tags should be placed on right side of clothing through a seam, or through the manufacturer’s garment tag in the neckline.
  • If using a tagging gunPLEASE tag through the manufacturer’s garment tag in the neckline or in a seam so as not to damage the item (SEE DIAGRAM). If tagging through a seam, go under the arm, at the waistband or up through a pocket. Never tag directly into the general fabric of the garment as many fabrics will never recover from these holes. This is very important!
  • Two piece sets should be secured with safety pins to the hanger. Pants and bloomers can be hung on the backside with two safety pins attaching them to the TOP rung of the hanger (not bottom rung).

Pants and skirts should be pinned to the TOP rung of the hanger (not bottom rung).

  • Sets with accessories, hats, bows, socks, etc, should be placed in ziploc bag and safety pinned to back of hanger. Tag or pin in the space between the zipper grips.
  • Sort items into gender and size for your drop-off appointment


Girls size 16+  will be combined with the women’s section. Please use the Juniors/Womens Category, then the Junior/Womens sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL+.  

See the ACCEPTED ITEMS page for a list of all permitted brands. 


  • We accept shoes in excellent condition. You may sell up to 30 pairs each sale.
  • Place in ziploc bag or Zip Tie together and tape tag securely in right corner.
  • Many tags fall off shoes! Secure tag as best you can knowing shoppers will be digging through them on our shelves. 
  • Do not place tape over the barcode. 
  • If shoes do not fit in bag, please tie tightly together or ziptie together so they do not get separated.


  • Must work properly. Battery operated items must have working batteries and will be tested at check-in.
  • Must be VERY CLEAN
  • Small parts must be in ziploc bags, sealed with clear packing tape and securely attached to the main part.
  • Puzzles, toys and games must have all pieces.
  • Please no random, miscellaneous toys thrown together.
  • Do not place tape over the barcode.


  • We recommend Blue Painters Tape for Books, DVDs and CDs
  • Tape the tag into the back inside cover of books
  • We no longer accept CDs and DVDs due to low sell through rates and quality issues

All unsold books must be donated due to how time consuming they are to sort


  • Bibs, bows, brand new socks, newborn items, etc. should be grouped into ziploc bags.
  • Secure with tape to outside of bag.
  • Do not place tape over the barcode.


Select a drop off appointment in the system. It is MANDATORY that you bring clothing sorted into gender and size.

Unsold items, not being donated, must be picked up Sunday from 6-6:30 p.m. Any items left will be donated to Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County or another designated charity partner of Whale of a Sale.


Restocking is an opportunity to sell additional items that you might find after you shopped the Pre-Sale or a chance to bring items that you might not have tagged in time. It is for current consignors only. If we’re offering restocking for the current sale, consignors will be notified via email.