Drop-Off Appointment

WOAS - North Drive Map (V6)-01

Please select a drop-off appointment in your consignor account. You may arrive anytime during the hour window. It is MANDATORY that clothing arrives organized by size and gender and all hangers are facing like a “?”. Ensure all items are in CLEAN, working condition and that battery operated items turn on. Allow 15-60 minutes for your drop off, depending on how many items you’re bringing.

Step by Step:

  1. Bring items into the sale organized by category (see below).
  2. Visit the following stations around the sales floor to drop your items:
    • Toys
    • Books/Games/Crafts
    • Nursery Items
    • Shoes
    • Clothing: You will hang on the racks with directional assistance from our volunteers.
    • Hold Tag Items: Equipment/Large Items/Bikes/Purses/Diaper Bags

    You’ll be placing your items on the sales floor as well as creating large item claim tags.  If you send your husband/friend, ensure they are prepared to handle this for you.

  3. Exit the sale and feel great about de-cluttering!

Please save yourself and our screeners time by following our tagging instructions completely. THANK YOU!

Which station should my item go to?


We help those less fortunate through our charity partner Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County. Donation receipts are available and an itemized report can be printed from you consignor account after the sale.