How to Prep Your Items

Whale of a Sale is marketed as “upscale” and our shoppers are looking for better brand names.


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You will need the following items to prepare for the sale:

  • Plastic or Wire Child Size Hangers (10 for $1 in Walmart baby section. Ask for FREE at local children’s stores.)
  • Plastic or Wire Adult Size Hangers for women’s, juniors and larger children’s sizes. (Ask for FREE at dry cleaners.)
  • Safety Pins or Tagging Gun to attach tags
  • Ziploc Bags in various sizes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • White Cardstock Paper, 8.5 x 11, 60-67 lb.
  • Batteries
  • Zip-ties to pair shoes together
  • Packing tape to attach tags to toys, books, etc. (scotch tape will not stay on)
  • For faster tagging, consider a Tagging Gun. We recommend Ticket 2 Tagging for tagging gun purchases. They offer our consignors a 10% discount – enter WHALE10 at checkout to receive it. We like the Avery Dennison fine tagging gun kit with 2” barbs.

Presentation of Items


Clothing should be hung on hangers with the hook facing LEFT (like a ?). See below:


Plastic or wire children’s hangers are acceptable for items under size 6.
Women’s, juniors and bigger kid sizes should be on adult hangers.

Use safety pins or tagging gun to attach tags to clothing. No straight pins please.

Tags should be placed on right side of clothing through a seam, or through the manufacturer’s garment tag in the neckline.

tagginggunIf using a tagging gun, PLEASE tag through the manufacturer’s garment tag in the neckline or in a seam so as not to damage the item (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW). If tagging through a seam, go under the arm, at the waistband or up through a pocket. Never tag directly into the general fabric of the garment as many fabrics will never recover from these holes. This is very important!

Two piece sets should be secured with safety pins to the hanger. Pants and bloomers can be hung on the backside with two safety pins attaching them to the

TOP rung of the hanger (not bottom rung).

Pants and skirts should be pinned to the TOP rung of the hanger (not bottom rung).

Sets with accessories, hats, bows, socks, etc, should be placed in ziploc bag and safety pinned to back of hanger.

Sort items into gender and size for your drop-off appointment.


Limited to 25 pieces per consignor. Please indicate TEEN on your tag. Clothing must be a  TEEN brand and sized XS, S, M, L, XL. Suggested brands include Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Delia’s, GAP, Juicy Couture, Wet Seal and similar brands. Adult clothing or discount store clothing will NOT be permitted.


Clothing must be sized XS, S, M, L, XL.  Popular workout brands are Lululemon, Athleta, Zella, Nike and Under Armour.


We accept shoes in excellent condition.

Place in ziploc bag or Zip Tie together and tape tag securely in right corner. Many tags fall off shoes! Secure tag as best you can knowing shoppers will be digging through them on our shelves.

Do not place tape over the barcode.

If shoes do not fit in bag, please tie tightly together or ziptie together so they do not get separated.


Must work properly. Battery operated items must have working batteries and will be tested at check-in.


Small parts must be in ziploc bags, sealed with clear packing tape and securely attached to the main part.

Puzzles, toys and games must have all pieces.

Please no random, miscellaneous toys thrown together.

Do not place tape over the barcode.


We recommend Blue Painters Tape for Books, DVDs and CDs

Tape the tag into the back inside cover of books

All unsold books must be donated due to how time consuming they are to sort


Bibs, bows, brand new socks, newborn items, etc. should be grouped into ziploc bags.

Secure with tape to outside of bag.

Do not place tape over the barcode.


Restocking is an opportunity to sell additional items that you might find after you shopped the Pre-Sale or a chance to bring items that you might not have tagged in time. It is for current consignors only. If we’re offering restocking for the current sale, consignors will be notified via email.

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