Consignor Registration


Register for Spring 2019:

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Consignor Benefits

  • Consignors receive 60% of their total sales, minus a non-refundable $15 consignor fee paid upon registration.
  • If a consignor works one 4-hour volunteer shift, the $15 fee is refunded on earnings check and they earn 4 p.m. Private Pre-Sale shopping privileges.
  • Volunteering for 2 shifts = fee refunded + 65% of sales.
  • Volunteering for 3 shifts = fee refunded + 70% of sales.
  • Volunteering for 4 shifts = fee refunded + a maximum 75% of sales.

Shop FIRST! All consignors receive passes to the Private Pre-Sale for 4:00 p.m. shopping. 

How to participate:

  1. Read about the consignment program to understand your commission split and benefits.
  2. REGISTER to sell.
  3. Tag your items using your consignor homepage. Our guidelines provide complete instructions on what you can sellhow to price and how to use the online tagging system.
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