Gather Your Items

Whale of a Sale accepts quality, current, clean, brand-name items in excellent condition. Please examine your items in good lighting. 

Accepted Items
Clothing limit

150 total children’s hanging clothing items may be sold. Pieces may be combined on one hanger to make a set. The count does not count maternity or women’s pieces.

Maternity limit

A limit of TEN maternity pieces may be sold.

Dollar Amount

The minimum dollar amount of an item is $2. We suggest grouping items together such as books, hair accessories, and other appropriate pieces.

Hot items

In-Demand: baby equipment/strollers, outdoor toys/bikes, women’s activewear, XBox/Wii and similar electronics


Whale of a Sale accepts cribs manufactured on or after June 28, 2011. Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011, may be consigned if the consignor provides a certificate of compliance from the crib manufacturer. Cribs that are unacceptable, for any reason, cannot be sold as toddler beds.

Unaccepted Items

Whale of a Sale will not accept items that are stained, outdated, out of season or not in working condition. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the full list of unaccepted items. 

Items that do not meet our criteria will be removed from the sales floor and returned at consignor pick up, if not marked to be donated. 

The minimum dollar amount of an item is $2. We suggest grouping items together such as books, hair accessories, and other appropriate pieces.

Accepted Clothing

All Sizes

Newborn to Kids Size 16 and Teen XS-XL. Please note that there is a limit of 150 total children’s hanging items per consignor.

In-Demand Brands

Gymboree, Gap, Janie & Jack, Boden, Hanna Andersson, Lands End, Crewcuts, Tea, Matilda Jane, Under Armour, Nike, Boden, The North Face, Patagonia, Persnickety, Mud Pie and similar brands sold at Nordstrom, Von Maur, Saks and local boutiques.

Juniors/Teen Clothing

Limited to 20 pieces per consignor. Suggested brands include Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Delia’s, GAP, Juicy Couture, Justice, Wet Seal and similar brands. Adult clothing or discount store clothing will not be permitted. Must be a teen brand and sized XS, S, M, L, XL.

Maternity Clothing

Limited to 10 pieces please.

Women’s Activewear Clothing

VERY POPULAR! Suggested brands in current and excellent condition are Lululemon, Athleta, Lucy, Nike, Under Armour, Gap Body. Please size in XS, S, M, L, XL. Women’s tennis clothing and equipment is also accepted since the sale takes place at Grand Park Events Center.

*Clothing Accepted By Season*

Spring Sale: Spring/Summer clothing: shorts, sundresses, polos, Easter dresses, light coats

Fall Sale: Fall/Winter clothing: Sweaters, Coats, Holiday wear

Accepted Year Round: Bathing Suits, Jeans, long sleeved tees, khaki pants and layering pieces, Costumes, Dress-up Clothing and Dancewear Shoes: In excellent condition Socks and Underwear: If brand new in packaging. Cloth diapers: If brand new or excellent condition: clean, laundered and bleached.

We also accept Designer Handbags and Diaper Bags!

Items we are unable to accept

• FEEDING: Bottles, Plates Utensils, Burp Rags, Bibs unless NEW
• VHS tapes
• STUFFED ANIMALS unless brand new or “do something”
• BLANKETS unless new in the package or in excellent condition on a hanger (no ziploc bags please)
• Battery operated items without batteries
• DIRTY toys, furniture, or equipment or HAPPY MEAL TOYS
• Items that have been RECALLED
• UNRELATED to children and maternity

Clothing we are unable to accept

• Items with stains, odors, tears, smoke or excessive wear.
• VACATION/CAMP type T-shirts/sweatshirts. Must be name brand.
• ONESIES unless brand new with tags, with an outfit, or a thicker piece. (no thin)
• SOCKS or UNDERWEAR unless brand new in packaging
• OUT OF SEASON – except sports wear and bathing suits accepted year round

• UNACCEPTED BRANDS: For the Columbus sale we will accept all brands that are quality, current, clean and in excellent condition.